Short Fiction

Nobody Gets Out Alive, Electric Spec, September 2020.

“Fishing Village of the Damned,” Abandoned Places anthology, February 2018.

“Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac (reprint),” Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic (anthology), May 2014.

“On the Making of a Dead Man’s Hand,” LORE Magazine, November 2013.

“Society of Dead Milkmen,” Space & Time Magazine, Fall 2012.

Counting Cracks, Escape Pod, March 2012 (audio performance).

The Wanting Game, Ideomancer, March 2012.

Counting Cracks, Strange Horizons, November 2011.

The Big Splash, The Drabblecast, October 2011 (audio performance).

Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac, Podcastle, September 2011 (audio performance).

“Stinker City,” Apexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology, August 2011.

“Worms,” The Big Book of Bizarro Anthology, July 2011.

The Big Splash, Strange Horizons, August 2010.

Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac, Strange Horizons, April 2010.

The Blue Weed, 365 Tomorrows, February 2009.

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